About Us

Rainbow 6ix is a North American agency that specializes in blockchain marketing. We are a team of enthusiastic professional marketers who are passionate about witnessing your growth waves. Our mission is to bridge the gap between your goals and the crypto community by eliminating barriers. As a leading collective in the industry, we promise to get you deep into the user communities with our extensive understanding of crypto and help you establish an unprecedented presence in the crypto ecosystem.

What do we do?

  • Breakthrough marketing barriers in crypto and streamline digital marketing efforts in raising awareness, education, and conversion campaigns
  • Build communities and increase new and existing user flow in the crypto industry
  • Be a leader in the Crypto community with the latest industry news
  • Be a source of truth for community members and crypto enthusiasts/investors
  • Bridge the gap between country borders and reach different geographical markets (North America, Africa, Europe, Asia)
  • Facilitate trading transactions for different currencies and contribute to creating a robust crypto ecosystem

Who are we helping?

  • Community: Act as a community leader to educate our followers on blockchain trends
  • Retail/Consumer: Increase consumer interest in blockchain and crypto products, manage brand reputation, and create opportunities to gain audience attention
  • Investors (VC/Incubator/Angel Investor/Institution): End-to-end marketing support for ad-hoc and long term projects